Beautiful Story

The Boys and Girls School

In 2013 Global Community Outreach, in partnership with Heritage Christian Fellowship, we able to build two brand new school buildings in the Middle East and provided funding to equip the schools with a well-qualified staff.  Due to religious laws in this country, girls and boys are not allowed to be educated together.  This is why two separate buildings were constructed for the girls and boys in this impoverished community.  These were the community‚Äôs very first educational facilities, and the first time children in this area had an opportunity to receive a formal education.  Both schools are at full capacity, and are currently serving 1,000 boys and 1,000 girls! Today we continue to support both schools as they provide a well rounded education to the children in the community, raising up the next generation of world changers! The first school we built received government accreditation, which enables all students to receive free books, free testing, and the ability to matriculate to a university.  Since receiving this accreditation, many smaller schools around the country have associated with our school system as satellite campuses which multiplies the impact of our schools!

Continued Work

The mission of these schools is a longterm one that takes much support! If the mission of sowing into the lives and destinies of these precious little ones ignites passion and hope in your heart, you can partner with us to support these beautiful schools. Be sure to note that your donation is specifically toward the boys and girls schools! We pray you are blessed abundantly in return in Jesus name! 

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