Set Free Ranch

Set Free Recovery Ranch


Kathy’s House partners with Set Free Ministries in Lake Elsinore, CA to provide support and recovery programs for men and women.  Currently the men's shelter houses 80 men, and the women's shelter houses 30 women. Our goal is to work with Set Free Ministries to see these residents complete their rehabilitation, break the chains of addiction, and to find restoration and healing in Jesus Christ.


The Set Free program is a Christian-based recovery program designed to assist people struggling with substance abuse and homelessness.  The program also provides individuals the opportunity to separate themselves from their old lives and to begin a new life in Jesus Christ.  If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, or for more information on openings and program details, please call the shelters.

Contact Information


Set Free Ranch 
Lake Elsinore, CA

Men’s Shelter: 951-849-3678   
Women’s Shelter: 951-849-1211