The Story

1 Million and 1 Meals

After one of our Global Community Outreach missionaries, Denise Carlson, returned home to Orange County for a visit, she made her church community aware of the crisis on the South Sudan border. She told stories and shared statistics of over 2.5 million starving refugees from South Sudan, over 70% of these refugees being orphaned children starving to death. The United Nations have called these refugees “the most traumatized people-group in the world.” Our hearts broke with Denise and Kathy’s House linked arms in partnership with many churches throughout Orange County, as well as with local businesses, to launch this 1 Million and 1 Meals project, in order to act immediately and care for these refugees immediately.

The 1 Millions and 1 Meals project was only possible through the partnership of many churches and organizations coming together with the united pursuit of caring for these refugees. On November 4, 2017, the meals were packed, and have since been distributed! Denise continues to stay in contact with us, sharing photos and testimonies of lives being impacted by God’s love through the simple acts of feeding these starving refugees. Kathy's House has remained in contact with Denise and continues to partner with her and provide support as she stands on the frontline of this ongoing crisis. Denise is truly a hero, and we love her. 

Meet Denise: Video

Below is a link to a video made by Dave Anderson, with Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching, for this event. In this video, Denise shares the heart-breaking reality for these refugees and the urgent need for action.

If the work Denise continues to do on the front-lines of this crisis, you can support her by donating at the link below and specifying your donation is for her ministry to the Refugees:

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